GPS Taximeter – Pilot 300S

Pilot 300S GPS Taximeter – Leading the Way

The Pilot 300S GPS taximeter is leading the way for GPS taximeters.  With advanced features and seamless integration, it’s setting a new standard.

TaxiRide GPS Taximeter

Key Features

  • Self-checking for accuracy
  • Pending certification in New York State
  • Tough fraud prevention features make meter fraud a thing of the past
  • Expands on features from our traditional driver terminal
  • Automatic toll capturing based on GPS data
  • Geo-fencing capabilities
  • Reliable even when GPS signals are weak or lost
  • Consolidates hardware in vehicles
  • Simple rate management
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Support for an unlimited number of rates, including flat and negotiable rates

A Need for Change

In a 2015 report by Good Morning America, the New Jersey Division of Consumer Protection revealed that 47% of taximeters tested failed inspection due to significant inaccuracy. Regardless of the cause of the failures, the fact remains that inaccurate taximeters are harmful to all parties involved. They may put drivers out of commission for repairs, overcharge passengers, or waste government resources. But, there is a better way: the Pilot 300S GPS Taximeter.

Each year, taxicab drivers and passengers lose tens of thousands of dollars due to inaccurate taximeters. Regardless of the cause, GPS technology can help prevent these losses. TaxiRide’s Pilot 300S GPS taximeter utilizes the latest in GPS technology to accurately track trips and calculate fares for taxicabs. In the event that the vehicle has been tampered with or the meter senses that the vehicle’s distance data is inaccurate, the taximeter automatically disables itself to prevent inaccurately charging passengers. This provides an extra layer of protection to both drivers and passengers. Show passengers you care by equipping your fleet with Pilot taximeters.

Advanced Features & Design

Expanding on features from our driver terminals, TaxiRide’s Pilot 300S GPS taximeter delivers unprecedented accuracy, connectivity, and integration to your fleet. As one of the world’s first tablet-based taximeters, the Pilot 300S utilizes GPS location data in conjunction with vehicle CAN data to determine distance traveled. By using two independent data sources, the Pilot 300S is capable of checking its own accuracy, drastically reducing the chances of meter fraud. In the event that a significant difference is detected between vehicle CAN data and GPS satellite data, the taximeter is capable of de-certifying itself, while simultaneously notifying the base, dispatcher, medallion owners, or any other relevant contacts. This provides a layer of protection for both drivers and passengers, either of which could be adversely affected by an inaccurate meter.

With advanced tamper-resistant features, meter fraud may just be a thing of the past. Designed with skyscrapers, parking garages, and tunnels in mind, the Pilot 300S leads the way in taximeter technology. Already pending certification in the state of New York, the Pilot 300S has proved itself to be a simple, direct replacement to traditional taximeters, regardless of the landscape.

Every driver knows that even a short $10 trip is better than no trip at all. That’s why the Pilot 300S includes support for discounted rates. This feature can be used to incentivize passengers to ride with your drivers, even on the sunniest of 70° days. Please note, certain municipalities may have regulations restricting the use of this feature.

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