Fleet Management Made Simple

TaxiRide fleet management software offers a set of comprehensive solutions to meet all of your fleet management needs.  From reservations to tracking to driver payments, TaxiRide gives you the tools you need to operate efficiently and effectively.  It is a powerful tool that can streamline your business processes, increase profits and tips, and boost both rider and driver satisfaction, all while saving you hard-earned money.  We’ve highlighted just a few important pieces of our software below.

Dispatching       Taxi Payment System       Cashiering       Customer App       Tracking       Driver Terminal


taxi dispatching system on TaxiRide fleet management software

Dispatching Made Simple

TaxiRide’s powerful Taxi Dispatch System streamlines your ordering and dispatching process.  From the initial reservation to processing and administration, dispatching has never been simpler.

ACCEPTING ORDERSKeying in reservation for fleet management software for automatic taxi dispatching

  • Customer reservation app and web interface
  • Operator caller-ID and address auto-fill for quick and accurate address entry
  • Recognition of previously entered addresses
  • Address auto-completion and verification
  • Automatic address zoning
  • Recurring reservation scheduling
  • Voucher account management
  • Vehicle type selection, including handicap-specific selection
  • Payment type specification
  • Automatic estimation of fare, trip distance, and arrival time
  • Driver trip notes
  • Dispatcher trip notes
  • Voice answering system can accept calls & make reservations when dispatchers are busy
  • Text2Ride enables passengers to request a cab via text, without an app

TAXI DISPATCHINGTaxi Stand Queue for fleet management software

  • Automated dispatching by selectable methods
    • Taxi-stand queue
    • Zone location
    • Vehicle proximity (GPS dispatch)
  • Automated order filtering by:
    • Vehicle type
    • Payment type
    • Passenger request
  • Dispatching through a live mapping system
  • Manual dispatching restriction options
  • Dispatcher-to-driver messaging system
  • Manual credit card processing
  • Fast meter alert system with automatic suspension options

ADMINISTRATIONtaxi dispatching system on fleet management software

  • Audit trail of all modifications
  • Vehicle status report
  • Access to historical tracking data via Intuitive Mapping
  • Driver suspension scheduling
  • Auto-dispatch scheduling
  • User management tools with permissions controls
  • Custom detailed reservation reports
  • Vehicle excess speed reporting
  • Remotely disable vehicle starter if a cab is stolen


taxi credit card terminal with TaxiRide fleet management software

Taxi Payment Terminals Made Simple

With TaxiRide, Taxi Payments are easy and convenient with large, user-friendly passenger information monitors. Fully integrated self-serve credit card processing, suggested tipping, and GPS tracking provides your passengers with the most enjoyable ride possible.  Our taxi payment solutions include support for chip, swipe and NFC (Apple Pay) payments.


PASSENGER PAYMENTSCredit Card Chip for fleet management software PIM with chip reader

  • Processing of credit/debit/public access cards
  • Chip & swipe compatible
  • Smart meter interface
  • Options for emailing and printing receipts
  • Fully integrated with Advanced Cashiering system
  • Redundant payment gateways in multiple data centers ensure reliability


  • Automatically prompts passengers for tips
  • Displays suggested tip amounts and percentages
  • Cash tip option
  • Manual tip option

PASSENGER CONVENIENCESPassenger Information Monitor screen on fleet management software

  • Live vehicle-location tracking
  • Passenger destination entry on PIM
  • View driver information and license
  • Schedule future/return reservations
  • Emergency alert function
  • Capability to use backseat tablet for advertisement purposes
  • Blind and visually impaired access technology
  • Displays seat belt and safety reminders

TaxiRide taxi cashiering system - fleet management software

Taxi Driver Cashiering Made Simple

TaxiRide’s Driver Cashiering is an easy and robust cashiering system that tracks all fees and payments for your drivers.  With support for vouchers, automatic fees and payments, multi-ridership, and much more, TaxiRide’s advanced Cashiering module takes care of the hard work for you.  Fleet management just got easy. 


DRIVER & CAB MANAGEMENTpaperwork for fleet management software

  • Driver database includes:
    • Contact and insurance information
    • License and Hack ID
    • Important documentation file system
    • Support for recurring fees and charges
    • Audit trail of driver information changes
    • Full driver search capabilities
  • Cab database includes:
    • Detailed vehicle information
    • License and inspection tracking
    • Support for secondary drivers
    • Vehicle search function

TRANSACTIONSWriting a check for fleet management software

  • Driver-based accounting system
  • Fully integrated with in-vehicle payment systems
  • Capable of receiving cash, check, or money order payments from drivers
  • Tracking of
    • Driver fees
    • Lease payments
    • Disbursements
    • Deposits
  • Pay out driver balances in cash, check, or direct deposit
  • Print and email itemized receipts or summaries
  • Deposit management
  • Review and print past receipts
  • Customizable automatic recurring transaction processing

ADMINISTRATION1099K - part of fleet management software cashiering

  • 1099K reporting
  • Vehicle status report
  • Credit card refund report
  • Voucher billing
  • Driver and vehicle information report
  • Automatic modification alert system
  • Customizable additional reports
  • Approved credit card report
  • Data storage redundancy


phones with screenshots of fleet management software

Customer Taxi Booking Made Simple

Branded Customer Applications, SMS booking, and website-based booking can help generate more trips and increase loyalty.  Offering a custom-branded mobile taxi application to your customers can mean the difference between an occasional customer and a frequent user.  Fully integrated into the dispatching system, these apps provide customers with an easy way to book a taxi, order monitoring, and payment options on Apple iOS and Android devices.  Compete with Uber and other TNC’s using your own mobile app.


TAXI RESERVATIONSTaxi App on fleet management software

  • Immediate order or future reservation capability
  • Full integration with dispatching system
  • Provides immediate cab availability information
  • Accurate fare estimation based on your rates
  • Ability to include special pickup instructions
  • Recurring reservations
  • Vehicle type selection


  • Customer is provided with live updates of:
    • Cab assignment
    • Cab location
    • Pickup ETA
    • Driver information and taxi license
    • Destination ETAPassenger app with fleet management software


  • Credit card verification
  • Add tip at any time
  • Cancellation fee capability
  • Ability to accept promo codes for discounts




Taxi Tracking/AVL Made Simple

Intuitive Mapping provides dispatchers with detailed information on the status, location, & heading of each cab in your fleet.  All maps include powerful filters that allow dispatchers and managers to show only the information that they need.  Maps also display colored zone overlays for easy zone identification.  Using automatic vehicle location (AVL), you’ll never have to wonder where your cabs are or what their status is.


taxi GPS tracking fleet management softwareRESERVATION ASSIGNMENT

  • Easily assign cabs to reservations through the live interactive map
  • View upcoming pickups and see the locations of each vehicle in your fleet
  • Color-coded zone overlays make it easy see the zone of the rider and dispatch a nearby cab in that zone
  • Simply click on the pickup icon to see details about the reservation such as pickup address, special instructions, and assigned driver



LIVE TAXI TRACKINGtaxi tracking with fleet management software

  • View real-time information such as location, speed, and driver information for cabs, all on an easy to use map
  • See detailed cab information such as instant speed, driver contact info, and even a driver picture
  • Arrows on each cab let your dispatchers know which direction cabs are driving at a glance
  • Powerful filters give dispatchers control over what they see



TAXI ROUTE HISTORYtaxi GPS tracking with fleet management software

  • See exactly where each vehicle in your fleet has been and ensure that your customers are receiving the quickest service possible
  • Route History View allows you to view historical data about vehicles in your fleet, even speed and time spent at any location
  • Allows playback of data for a specified time period at an adjustable speed



taxi driver terminal - fleet management software

Mobile Data Terminals Made Simple

TaxiRide employs powerful and fully integrated tablet technology for drivers.  Our driver mobile data terminals feature zoning, trip information, messaging, payment processing, and more.  Maybe it’s time to ditch that outdated driver data terminal after all.


taxi GPS navigation with fleet management softwareDRIVER CONVENIENCES

  • Displays zone data
  • Maps and GPS-based turn-by-turn navigation
  • Driver PIN login
  • Payment processing
    • Credit cards
    • Vouchers
    • Public access cards
  • Electronic manifest
  • Customizable suggested tips
  • Full integration with backseat PIM
  • Trip bidding
  • One-touch button to send passenger a reminder text or call for a reservation


  • Vacant/hired status changes
  • Read trip ID, fare, and extras
  • Supports meter ping function
  • Ability to enable and disable meter
  • Supports Centrodyne, Pulsar, and other smart meters
  • Supports meter swipe and printer
  • Reads meter serial number

MESSAGINGDriver PIN login with fleet management software

  • Drivers can update dispatchers with duty status
  • Provides pickup address and any special instructions
  • Passenger contact information
  • Custom messages
  • Fleet-wide messaging
  • Emergency alert system
  • Ability to accept or reject trips
  • Manual and automatic driver suspension capabilities